Whether you're a landowner looking for a consultant, or a consultant looking for a community, 
you've come to the right place.

What is a consulting forester?

A consulting forester is an
independent professional who manages forests and markets forest products for private woodland owners.

Why choose ACF?

"If you see ACF after a forester’s name, you know you’re working with a true professional."

We are that rare association organized around ethical standards.  Holding to the standards of our Code of Ethics is a requirement for membership; it forms the founding principles of our organization.  That commitment is one of the reasons ACF members are revered as premier forest consultants, called upon by landowners across the country to advance their individual goals for their wooded acres.

If you're a landowner...

What thrives on land managed by an ACF consulting forester?
Timber. Recreation. Wildlife.
Whatever you want for your land.
ACF members put your goals first.

ACF consulting foresters are required to have a bachelor degree and five years experience in practical forestry administration. They must adhere to strict ACF ethical practices and meet continuous education requirements.
Who better to help you develop a sustainable plan to make your acres more profitable and enjoyable? ACF consulting foresters are among the nation’s premier forestry professionals - working with one gives you the assurance that you are in compliance with ever-changing local, state and national regulations.

How can an ACF consulting forester benefit you and your land?

- Enhance your property values

- Increase the value of your timber

- Produce a more sustainable timber harvest

- Enhance wildlife habitat

- Establish and protect your family’s forest legacy


"Our ACF forester helped us gain added recreational, environmental and financial value to our land."

ACF consulting foresters cannot buy timber and must always work in the landowner’s best interest. So you get unbiased advice and expert options for securing the best price for your trees. Being in the know on using up-to-date practices, an ACF consulting forester guides you in adding to, preserving and regenerating tree growth to deliver a more consistent and robust harvest.


"If we miss signs of infestation or wait too long to address it, we've got acres of dead trees.  I need a forestry expert walking my land - it helps me sleep at night."

Working with an ACF consulting forester is educational. Along with helping you develop a plan to achieve your vision, he or she can provide options. For example, some owners turn logging trails into cross country skiing paths, or encourage habitat for wildlife. You may want to ensure water quality or consider the potential of firewood or biomass. An ACF consulting forester provides you with keen insight to explore your land’s potential in economically viable ways.

An ACF consulting forester has an ethical commitment to stay current on issues that affect your ownership and enjoyment of the land. ACF consulting foresters are continually learning; through publications, national and regional meetings and member-to-member sharing. That’s why ACF consulting foresters are savvy observers of what’s happening in your forest and are up to date on state and federal regulations. In today’s highly regulated environment, you can rest assured an ACF consulting forester is looking out for you.

If you're a consultant...


We Join You

Surrounded by every hue of green, the air rich with new growth and moist soil,
few have a workplace as spectacular as ours. We stride through forested corridors owned by others, but entrusted to our management.  But as consulting foresters, we must also master risk management and navigate the regulatory and tax implications of running a business. ACF provides the tools to amplify both field and office efficiency - which can be the difference between income and profit. ACF Membership links you with a network of referrals and the insights of members in other regions who gladly share their professional experience and expertise.  We live and work in a tech driven environment where knowledge and skills need regular refreshing. You’ll find that your ACF membership supports both the sustainability of your business and the acres you manage.


"It's the only organization where everyone understands exactly what I do."

Whether you operate as a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, ACF chapter and national meetings provide opportunities to continue learning from industry experts. Topics are as timely as the impact of environmental regulation, taxation, forest policy, legislation, business management, ownership succession and support for ACF principles—one of which is generosity in the exchange of ideas, referrals and news among members.

"Today, silviculture and politics mix more than ever. They have to."

Old Testament writers were in tune with nature’s calendar - seeding, culling, harvesting - a time for every purpose. However,
our public policy vigilance must be year-round - because a misguided agency ruling or piece of legislation can do more damage to our way of life than a wildfire. There are many ways foresters can practice - as academics, government workers and timber company employees, to name only a few. Our focus is on the very unique interests of consulting foresters - and only consulting foresters. Government policy that has an impact on issues such as the estate tax, environmental regulation, the Endangered Species Act and private property rights, not only gets our attention, but responsive action as well. Members stay abreast of our advocacy in our quarterly newsletter and read in-depth explorations - professional, personal and practical - in our colorful magazine, “The Consultant.”

"Every organization I belong to would go before I'd give up my ACF membership."

ACF membership is prestigious for a number of reasons. It’s not merely a “degree and dues” association. You must continue to pursue forestry education and be sponsored by three current ACF members. You’ll need a B.S. in Forestry or Natural Resources from an approved college. Your principal business activity must be forestry consulting to the general public. Candidates must not have an economic interest in a timber procurement entity.
These are all factors in making ACF membership a badge that represents expertise, ethical behavior and loyalty to landowners and their land. 

Become an ACF member, and you'll have nearly 800 new colleagues and advisers who will join you each time you enter the forests you manage.